London, Autumn 2016


Ahh, the beauty of London in November! 


I got to spend one day in London. All alone. I was supposed to meet up with someone but that didn’t stick, my dad was working and so was my mum. So I walked alone, found peace in little cafes and on busy streets surrounded by always hurried people and beautiful architecture.
Even though this was the 5000th time I was there, it only squeezed itself in my heart then. In Trafalgar Square, on the stairs with a good book in my hand and new artists playing their music at acoustic guitars.

In those two days, I walked around, from Soho to the Big Ben and so on, took loads of boomerangs and artistic pictures with the taxis from London. I don’t usually drink lots of coffee, but for some reason, in those days I lived on it! Everything was surreal to me. Ever since I was a little girl and visited my father – who’s been living there for years -, I dreamed of spending days outside the house with only me and my music. I wanted to feel like an adult. Like I was 100% capable of spending one full day all by myself in an unknown city.

That wasn’t the case, because it was not 100% unknown. I knew the metro stations and which places lead where… Only this time, I ventured more and discovered beautiful streets that led me to other amazingly Christmas decorated streets.

Even though Oxford Street was packed with cars and busses and noises, I could still hear the thoughts in my head loud and clear. This was a changing experience for me and that’s why I love it so much. I’ll get into those details later on, but first, i’ll tell you about the day i didn’t spend alone, but with my mother and father. He organised everything, and the day was extremely thought out and filled with amazing places.

We all met up at lunch-time and went to get some food. Than, we boarded at Westminster Tain Station on some kind of water train. We stayed outside, sun rays protecting us from the cold wind that was blowing in our faces.

We got off at the O2 arena, where we just walked around for a bit before we took – surprise! – the cable car. The sun was setting and for half of the ride we got light and the on other half we saw the city lights turn on and come to life. I’m kinda scared of heights, so just imagine me whenever one of my parents moved from a side of the car to the other. Horror. For the pics i tried staying calm and tattooed a smile on my face whatever happened. Afterwards, we took a train that had no driver! We got places in the first seats and the view was amazing!

The place that I absolutely loved was the Tate Modern Museum. I love modern art the most, and I could stare at it for hours. We moved along pretty fast ( and by saying pretty fast I mean 2 hours), but I’d love to go back and spend a whole day there.

Back to the maya-changing experiences!

Hearing my thoughts so loud and clear made me realise what I want and what I don’t. It made me change my opinion on spending time by myself. Before that, I was absolutely terrified of it, mainly because of the fact that I was scared of what other people would think if they saw me alone on the street. Usually, when I’m alone, I either zoom out and not pay attention to anyone around me or I pretty much only pay attention to my phone to seem busy even if I am not. This time, I held my head high, looked people in the eye and smiled. They didn’t care that I was alone. Some were too much in a hurry or caught up in their own problems to even see me.

So this is why I love London now. It taught me that life is like a movie. When people aren’t talking, if you listen close enough, music is playing in the background. So write your own script and create your own story. London was one of my own short stories. Here’s to more.


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  1. Speranta

    December 19, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    The train that drives itself is the DLR…..I miss living in London! Enjoy the life and experiences that are ahead of you! I love reading you…just like I love reading your mom!

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