I love love

Allow yourself to love. Even if you’ve been hurt many times by many people. Allow yourself to love and teach yourself to expect nothing from it. Love for yourself. Don’t love for other people. Love only because it makes you happy.

Many times we hear the people around us say “I loved him (or her) and they didn’t care enough to offer me their time.”

Don’t love for someone else. Love people because you wish to be happy, because it makes your heart travel to the moon and back in 2 seconds and that gives you the best feeling in the world. Love because giving your love, attention and time to other people makes you smile. Why do we think love is a thing that must be traded? And expect when offering our love to someone for them to offer their love to us as well? Why don’t we expect colours to adore us back? Or the sea when the sun rises above it? Why are we not pissed at our favourite books for not giving their time to us? I mean, we did it for them, didn’t we?

You’re probably smiling and thinking that it’s not the same thing. But why couldn’t it be?

We love people because seeing them makes us happy. Because listening to their voices when they speak, or hearing their colourful laughs makes us laugh. We love people because we find their company to be very good for us. I love people because they are interesting, and have stories and thoughts and never stop talking about the things they believe in. I love it when someone I love talks about something they are passionate about and their whole face lights up, and their eyes shine like diamonds in the sun, their smile is brighter than the moonlight when the moon is at its fullest…And I love the colour yellow, for it reminds me of sun, and of people laughing and feeling good in the hot days of the summer. I also love being on stage, where I feel like nothing can touch me, like I am immortal and immune to anything.

As you may have figured, I love love. I love feeling happiness and admiration, I love having butterflies, I love looking up to someone and I just adore watching people love.

Sometimes, we are lucky enough that the people we love, happen to love us back. We are lucky enough to share a specific kind of love.

Now, I know that love comes in different forms and types. Someone might love you as a friend and you might love them as something more. Between a mother and her child is a love no one can describe, even the most beautiful words can’t.

There are so many different ways to love and to be loved and some people might not even know it.

My point here, is that we should accept any kind of love we receive. And if someone we love does not love us in return, we shall learn to appreciate the love we do get, and never take it for granted.

But most importantly, we should love ourselves first. That might be the hardest thing to do, but at least we are certain that that the love we give to ourself does us the most good.

Accept love. Love everyone and everything because some people can’t. You do it for them. Love colours, love people and expect nothing in return. Love for you. Love, love and never stop doing it.

Photo Credit : Dragos Boldea



  1. Luiza

    December 19, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Good job Maya , good job . Good luck!!!

  2. Anca

    December 20, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    Super!!! Felicitari, chiar ai talent la scris!!! Mama ta poate fi mandra de asa minune de domnisoara!!!! Sper sa reusesc si eu sa o cresc la fel de bine pe fetita mea!!! Felicitari inca o data si la cat mai multe articole!

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