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In the beginning of 2016, I was on vacation with my mom and our friend, Vee. We were talking about resolutions and about how we all write amazingly long lists every year and we never manage to complete all of them. Around February we would probably forget at all about the existence of these lists.
We decided to pick maximum 4 goals. So I had to cut the “Watch a new movie every week” or “Start this TV Series” crap and focus on the important ones. We each wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere. With the thought of opening them next New Years Eve. Obviously, the pieces of paper are probably lost somewhere in Bali, but this is what I wrote.

1. Raise Your Self Esteem
2. Be Healthier
3. Start a Blog
4. Visit America

I’ll make a short comment on each and one of these, since it amazes me how these goals managed to stay in my head all year long without me even meaning for them to do so. I’ll try and be brutally honest, which is how I always try to be.


1. Raise Your Self Esteem

Now, I pretty much always had a problem with that. After this year, I came to the conclusion that even Victoria’s Secret angels have a problem with that. No one thinks they’re good enough and I find that extremely upsetting. We’re our worst critics and this is both a good and a bad thing. We have to spend all the time in our own bodies and minds, trapped in a way. We see everything and notice every small flaw.
So I’ve come to accept all of this. I’m working on my self esteem but it has risen since last year.


2. Be Healthier
Who’s not ever trying to be healthier? This one is going to be on my 2017 list as well! What can I say? This year, the couch was comfortable and the TV Series got way more interesting.


3. Start a Blog
I think this is the scariest one out of them all for me. Starting a blog means so much and just to think that I would have a platform where whoever wants to listen to all the things I say daily can. Just thinking that there are even two people out there who vibe with me and who have similar thoughts and wishes to see upon this big, great world as me, makes it an incredible experience. So this is what I probably am most thankful for this year. This blog. This little world of mine I call Mayatown.


4. Visit America
How can I even get started on that? I put this on the list just for the sake of my dream and not quitting it. I was so sure it was never ever going to happen, I didn’t even suggest it. Or if I did, it was in an extremely silly conversation me and my mother were having. Keeping this in mind, I am glad to announce that this New Years Eve will be spent in Las Vegas, America. And even more excited to say that it will be my second time there, since in early August, everything I hoped happened and I got to visit New York City, the place where I dream to live in.

Woah. 2016 was an amazing year for me. Apart from what I said earlier, I created new bonds and friendships. I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring to me.

Until then,
Love, Mayor of Mayatown

Dress : Stefanel

Necklace : Some tavern in Bali

Shoes : Musette




  1. Maria

    December 28, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Great start!!!
    Keep up writing ,you have great talent for that and this way you will inspire your followers as you mom does and believe me ,she is able to change readers thinking in a constructive way and more than that she planted seeds of happiness in their hearts.She planted the greatest seeds of open minded vision in you.
    PS:your English is impeccable!

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