Ice Queen

And by saying ‘Ice Queen’ I mean not really because I usually hate winter.

I say usually because this winter I came to good terms with it and decided to accept my love-hate relationship with it. So I got all my courage out of the little pocket I usually keep it in and went outside for once (I’m exaggerating, obviously, but that’s just how I roll.)

So, I went out, trying to not think about my ears freezing off and my fingers hating on me and my hair literally freezing – yes that happened I have witnesses. I enjoyed the fluffy snow and the sun that came out of hibernation for two days maximum. I also had a mini photoshoot with Dragos Boldea, who put up with non-smiling day.

Here are the pictures and here’s what I wore that day.

Layers over layers, and I don’t mean it in “Hello I’m capable of pulling off this style” but in “I just put on every item of clothing I could find because I really don’t want to freeze” kind of way.

Sweater : Abercrombie & Fitch (under which I had a black turtleneck)

Jeans : Tommy Hilfiger (please note that under these I had two pairs of tights and some knee high socks)

Shoes : Timberland (as any white girl or boy on this earth)

Coat : Tommy Hilfiger

Scarf : Some Romanian sale market

Sunglasses : Michael Kors


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