We’re teenagers – We’re smart

Not knowing anything about the country you live in must be pretty hard. Not knowing how many teenagers want to see change and are willing to work for it is horrible.

To fill anyone who doesn’t now in, Romanians are protesting against the government’s corruption. I won’t get political. That’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is, that in order to save ourselves we must listen to the youth. That’s not just in Romania, but everywhere around the world. Everywhere, teenagers and young adults struggle to make their voices heard. Somehow there still are people thinking we don’t know things. That we have no idea how voting works and what is morally good and what is not.

Let me tell you, again, we do know. We’re just not allowed to talk.We’re being put down and being told constantly we don’t know things and can’t  And being 100% honest with you, the only reason to why we are not allowed to is because we’re smart. No one gives us a chance because we’re “ignorant” and  “we don’t think about out the future, we only think about ourselves”. Everyone’s running away rather than running towards changing something. It has become a habit and that’s one of the saddest yet realistic things I will ever say on here. Intelligent people are keeping their mouth shut because they have been told they won’t be able to change anything, while other people that are brainwashed by television programs are talking non-sense.

Romanians everywhere are out fighting for the future of their country. Young people are fighting for a change. Minors, people who aren’t allowed to vote can sometimes be more informed than others. Fight in peace. Resist. Everything starts with us.

These are a few pictures of Bucharest on the 1st of February.


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  1. Sara

    February 3, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Felicitari Maya… esti o tanara exceptionala ….

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