January’s Pill

I figured that’s what I’ll call the books I read. “Pills”, because they have a bigger effect on me than medicine. I’ll try to post one every month, but since it’s the middle of February, I’m currently in a lazy non-reading mood and just finished this book, I won’t dare to promise.

Back to this month’s pill.

It’s called ‘The Manifesto on How To Be Interesting’ and it has been written by the amazing Holly Bourne. It’s about a girl, Bree, an aspiring writer, who has nothing interesting to write about. She decides to change things up a bit. From the loser everyone knows as Twatty McGeek, she turns into the most popular girl in her high school. All while she writes on a blog the things she’s going through. (bonus : the book looks amazing!!!!)

What I mostly liked about this particular book enough to make me want it to be the start of ‘the pills’ is that it handled with greatness every subject a teenage human-person is or could be going through. On the course of 400 pages, Bree falls in love, gets her heartbroken, deals with depression, gets disappointed and disappoints… (ok now I’ll stop with the spoilers for the ones who might ever want to read this book)

Venturing with Bree & Bourne in this experience, probably changed some things in my perspective on many things and on many levels. Mostly on changing ourselves for the ones around us. We get an inside scoop on the most popular girls (and boys) in high school and their mentality. We get this beautifully described growth in the characters – which is exactly why I love reading, and exactly why I pulled an all nighter because I couldn’t stop reading this story.

Check it out if you want to tear up, laugh, and read extremely intelligent jokes you might be able to use afterwards. What I love the most about reading is the sharing part at the end. So if you’re reading it, or if you did 5000 years ago and liked it (or not) please please please comment or message me privately on my Mayatown Facebook page or in my Instagram messages so we can share this together.

If you have any book suggestions for the next few months, don’t be shy! Type away!


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  1. Bluebell

    September 9, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    I ADORE this book 😀 I’ve read it like a hundred times! Holly Bourne is one of my favourite authors.

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