A Short Story On Why I Got Bangs

Everyone needs a little change in their lives. And if you believe in astrological signs, you should know I’m a gemini. I’m desperate for change. So about a few months ago, I changed imagery, made new friends, made this blog, started taking myself seriously in an extreme childish way… Apparently, to my brain, it was not even close to enough. I had become so sick of how plain my hair would look all the time. Long, straight and way too boring. After having it green, pink and purple, I thought of giving it a breather on the hair dye but still change something about it.

The last time I had bangs was about 4 years ago, when I had no idea what to do with them and most of the time they looked horrible. Before that, when I was around 6, I was bored and wanted to cut my hair, so I decided to give myself a makeover Disney Channel movies style. So I cut my own bangs. Bad, bad, bad choice. Until now, my experiences with bangs have not been as fun and as pretty I would have hoped. This is why I was kind of scared of getting them.

My mum went to Jovsky Studio and let Adrian Perjovschi do anything he wanted with her hair. She looked amazing and I felt like I needed to do just that. Let someone do whatever he wants with my hair while I sit in a chair quite terrified of the change I so desperately need. So I begged her take me to him as well.

18th of February. Small child Maya steps into his studio wanting something different. This is a small conversation between me and Adrian. Read this and imagine it with lots of stutters and ‘umm’s coming from my side.

“I dunno, I mean… I want a drastic change but I’m kind of scared of it. Also, I love how Selena Gomez looks with bangs but I don’t think they’d suit me…”

“How much of your hair do you want me to cut?”

At first I wanted to say as little as possible, but I reminded myself why I was there. So I told him to do whatever he wants, already imagining myself with short boy-like hair. He told me he’d do bangs and that he won’t cut a lot of my hair. Which was comforting. I ended up not sitting in a chair and being terrified, but being happy and excited. One hour later, I had Selena Gomez bangs and my hair was just a little bit shorter, but layered. Now I feel like a Latina every day and I love how it looks.


What I actually want to say with this blogpost -yes, I’m not just boring you with a day in my life-  is that you should take risks. Consciously. You might end up loving it. With hair, there’s good days and bad days. Either way, it grows. Hair isn’t permanent. Neither is change.

So, whenever you get the possibility of such change, take the risk. There’s this quote I know, and the first time I read it I was sure it was about love. Now, I think it’s about all life things. This is how it goes : ” Take the risk or lose the chance.”

This is the last risk I took. What’s yours?




Shirt : Irina Schrotter 

Jeans : Abercrombie & Fitch

Shoes : Musette

Backpack : Abercrombie & Fitch


Sunglasses : Michael Kors

Earings : Louis Vuitton



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