Naples Through My Eyes

This was me wanting to capture some of the people I saw in Naples and Capri. Caught up in their lives. Sometimes blurred, from either confusion or utter happiness. With friends, lovers, pets… I have some buildings and patterns and drawings here too. And a few pictures with my mum as well. The ones I love of her.

To me, they were Naples. Interesting yet so damn simple. I took pictures of the ones that caught my eye. Everyone’s lives are so different, yet all of us feel the same. We all love, hate, argue… We all get bored.

These are the pictures I took. Enjoy.

Also, I’d suggest playing this game my mum taught me when I was small and bored. Look at these people and imagine their stories. Good and bad, both. Imagine how their days went. Imagine everything you want about this and if you feel like sharing it with me, do so.



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