Spring is my all time favourite season, and I’m so glad it’s finally here. Technically, it’s been here since the start of march but to be honest, I haven’t really felt it yet. Well, until today. Because I’ve been sick for the past few days, I took yesterday and today off school so I can get better. The only problem is: today I really want to get out of my room. I’m still coughing non-stop and sneezing, but I have this immense urge to dress up nicely and go to the park. Instead of doing that, though, I’m writing this blogpost from the comfort of my balcony dressed in pjs and my NYU hoodie.

To me, spring means being reborn and giving everything a new chance. This is the season that empowers me. For some reason, I want to start cleaning stuff. Not just things, but entire life. People. I’m never the organised type of person, so this is the time to do it. I tend to keep all the people that make me feel bad about myself just because, so this is why I always look forward this part of the year. Somehow, any toxic relationship I’m in disappears. Without me interfering or making things worse.

This is the season when I want to put on new clothes, try new makeup, new music, watch movies and read. My birthday’s in Spring. I love the flowers this season gives us. I love this season as a whole. Except for finals. Finals are never good. Spring, however, is.

So today, surprise someone with a flower. Or a good thought. The sun’s out, and unless you have a good reason for it, you should be too.


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