Floating, In A Balloon

Hot Air Balloons.

When you’re low-key afraid of heights, you can’t imagine any kind of experience close to floating in the air up high without shivers running across your spine. Or at least, that’s what I thought.

I’m that person that gets scared at the Eiffel Tower but somehow manages to feel safe on a plane. I think what I hate are open air spaces that are really up high. Keeping that in mind, imagine my reaction to when my mother told me that on our trip in Cappadocia we’ll ride on a hot air balloon. Through all the images from movies I’ve watched where these things crash horribly and you have to survive on your own, excitement sneaked in and got a hold of my mind and heart.

Flash forward to the morning of. We got up somewhere around 4, because by sunrise we had to already be up high. I made sure to put some makeup on, just for the sake of having good pictures, and put on whatever came to mind and my jacket. Fell asleep on the ride there, so I can’t talk about the ‘beautiful scenery’ that probably I couldn’t even see due to the ‘it was dark outside’ part. Anyway, when we got there, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, there were so many balloons down, splattered around the ground like a painter’s colour palette. We were welcomed there by cold air, warm tea and some snacks, like a pre-breakfast in order to have something in our stomachs.

By 5:30 the sky was lighter and we were on our marks, ready to leave. I’d say we were the firsts to conquer the sky, but we were second. And followed by hundreds. We’re going back to my fear of heights. Before going up, I was screaming (quietly, but screaming.) But I got more and more calm as I realized one of my biggest dreams was coming true, while still ticking off a great subject on my To Do List – Face a fear.




These are the three words I would use if someone would ask me to describe this experience using only three. I can’t talk about it a lot, I find myself getting somewhat stuck. My heart was louder than any other noise up there, and even though the group I was with was pretty big, I felt like the only person up there at one point. My eyes were constantly on the sky, and I was living in a fairytale. A beautiful one. The only way I can describe it is: “I felt like I was on a green screen.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to document closely every good thing I experience, because after a while my mind just counts them as dreams or day dreams. So here are some pictures. As you can imagine, the light was great up there.



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