Let’s Talk, 16

I’ve been struggling, writing, deleting, re-writing, trying to find some lame excuse to why I haven’t been posting. Today I had a heated argument with someone and asked them to stop making excuses. So, here I am.

Why have I not posted in nearly a month? Because I’m basically a sloth. Or a couch potato. My mind has been sitting down, not having the motivation to write anything.

Let’s catch up! What’s happened, since the 16th of May? My birthday happened! The Sweet 16 I’ve been waiting for. My dad was here, and so was my cousin. We had this really cool sky-barar party with all of my friends which was nice.

24th of May, 2017.

I was supposed to post then, seeing it was both a Wednesday and a birthday, but early in the morning, right before my english poetry mock exam, my water bottle decided to spill all around my backpack, ruining all my things. Including my heart, my phone. The only reason to why I’m calling it my heart is because it was my birthday, and the best thing about it is to receive calls and texts about how happy everyone wishes you are blah blah blah. Yeah, kinda self centered but it’s one day a year. Anyway, my phone kept working, even after the water accident. For an hour, then the screen started going cray cray and all hell went loose. Don’t get me wrong. I was surrounded by all the amazing people I could find. My mum showed up at school after the exam with my favorite cake which I have not eaten in 5 years, my class mates sang me happy birthday and my mother did this thing where she asks everyone what they like about the birthday person and all of them said nice heartfelt things… But from tie to time, my eyes would go to the rice bowl next to the cake.

Good news, exam was great! I got 24/25, which is a lot seeing that I had the phone on my mind. Lunch happened at Hard Rock Cafe with my mom, dad and cousin Ioana, some family time, and then headed to my mom’s workplace cause she had some things to get done. I said goodbye to my favorite person, Ioana, cause she was leaving. I spent the rest of the day with my dad, using gift cards for Sephora I got at my party and just talking over coffee. One thing I love about my dad is how careless he is when I drag him makeup shopping with me. He just holds my bag, sits quietly behind me and tells me his opinions if I ask. He sits there, looking at me overly excited and for hours. This time, I took one hour and a half. I swear if someone did this to me I’d leave after 30 minutes.

I like to call this birthday a bitter-sweet 16. Bitter because of the phone but real sweet because of everything else.

My birthday party was 4 days earlier. I felt like a princess. Everyone was so excited for me and they danced and had fun. Right before cake, my mom turns me around and suddenly, there’s a projection on the other building. People I love, telling me happy birthday. The night ended with me crying over how happy and thankful I was.

That’s what has been up with me.

Here are some pictures, enjoy and see you whenever!



Outfit :

(styled by Eniko Szanto)

Shirt: BSB
Pants: Zara

Jacket: Zara

Shoes: Zara

(woah that’s a lot of Zara)


Hair & Makeup: Daniela Barbur

Photo Credit: Ovidiu Craiciu





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