Love Me Some London

This is my second favorite city. I’m here for what seems like the millionth time and I still manage to fall in love with it every day. There are always new places to see, new people to discover… Yet I keep on having the stability of knowing where I am and how to cruise the streets and ride the metro.

This is my favorite city because of the weather. Everyone imagines it to be a city made grey, yet when the sun beams hit the pavement everything lights up with glitter. I always feel like I’m in a movie here. I always feel like this is the place to be if you are a dreamer and if you want to feel like you’re always in the centre of attention even though you’re not. Here, in this amazing city, I feel as I’m already filming the movie that is my life. The light is always as good as it gets and even with the clouds on the sky everything seems brighter.

The weird thing is, cliches are my thing. Oh, how terribly obsessed with them I am. Flowers make me happy. I like autumn. I like hot chocolate and books on rainy/snowy days. I like London for the big cliche it stands for. Rain and busy people. Sometimes I like to imagine myself at cafes, watching every thing speed up while I’m in slow motion. London is the city you can walk for hours in, going nowhere but still getting somewhere. It’s the place where in the middle of all the traffic and people running off to work, you can still find a tree who could support you while you’re reading your new favorite book.

A few days ago, I walked and walked and stumbled on a bookshop. 3 floors with books about everything, ready to be devoured by the next book worm. As you might now me already, you’ll also probably know I’m not one to go near a place like this without losing myself in Shakespeare, Style books and romance novels. So I read Lolita while sipping a cafe latte, being surrounded by laptops and technology.

The cliche that is Maya Sorian will always be surprising us, all of us. Books and coffee and tea and perfect Instagram feed which I will never achieve… My love for rainy old London is just one of these. So any one of you, next time you’re here, stop in the Leicester Square park for just one second and picture me reading on the grass. That’s what I’m good at doing.


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