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As you might already know, I’m at a Summer Camp-School at Chelsea Independent College. I got here through IntegralEdu, studying the Arts & Design course. Besides the fact that the art lessons are really interesting, I think I got extremely lucky to have some of the best people in my class. We are 8 in total, but only 4 were able to answer some of my questions on their experience here.

To be completely honest with you, I never would have expected to meet such kind and beautiful people. I would never have expected for us to bond so fast and create friendships. Connecting with people is amazing but if you are lucky enough to meet people from all around the world, you should never not take the opportunity to hear more from them. We learn from the people around us. Every day. Experiences are key and every new person is a new mind to discover and – why not – a way to make yourself dream bigger, better… That’s why I have this column here. Because I want you to get to know the people that I find interesting, fun, and that I feel have something to say.

These are my amazing classmates from Chelsea Independent College:

1. Why did you choose this camp? Do you like arts, would you like to pursue them in the future as well?

Yeah, of course I like art, that’s why I took the course, haha. I would like to something artistic in future.

Visiting London was my dream since I was 12 years old, so when my mom said me that she found a college where I can study art and it’s in London, I was one of the happiest persons ever ….. and here I am

I came here to learn more about art but I have never really been into it. Since I want to be a fashion designer I wanted to learn about the technique.

I wanted to see if I’m really interested in arts because I wanted to take visual arts in IB. I might continue doing art& design as a hobby.

2. What are your opinions on the Chelsea Independent College so far?

So far so great, I like this school, the staff is just amazing and I’ve already met some cool people. And rooms are just perfect.

SOFI: Oh, in my opinion, it’s like super usual summer school, but the people I met here are incredible. I always thought that it’s so difficult to find many people with the same interests but I was mistaken. I said thank you to my mom hundreds of times! Yeah maybe it’s only for two weeks, but I found friends here, that is so unusual for me. Today I woke up and I thought how happy I am. So thank you for you guys!
Love u Art class


I think that it is a great college. Teachers are really passionate about their work and they are always willing to help us. In addition, it is amazing how, for example, our art teacher tries to make us go as far as we can to achieve our potential.


Chelsea Independent College has beautiful dorm rooms but the ceiling is really low upstairs in the room so I always hit my head and it’s too hot. I would say CIC is unprofessional because: first things first I asked them for a single room and got double, they couldn’t change it later because there were no left but they did try to help me. Safe in the room was totally broken so I can’t keep my money and passport inside. The card in my lanyard didn’t work, but they changed it so I hope it’ll be OK now. My first impression definitely wasn’t great, but I can see that they want to improve and make things better by asking us for our feedback. By choosing this summer school you need to know that it’ll be a real school, we have a lot of classes all the time and barely any free time, I like that they keep us busy but sometimes it’s too much.

3. What do you think teens everywhere around the world have in common?

I think that nowadays the internet connects everyone in the world. For example, i can talk about funny videos on youtube with my friends from Russia, even though I am from Poland.

Actually, there are some similar things every teenager has.
First of all, we all think that our parents do all things wrong but it’s not. Really it’s not, we are just way too young to understand why they have done something. So guys stop being angry with your parents, they all love you!
Oh ,and second one is that in when you are a teenager You actually hate yourself, literally ,you look at people and you are saying how pretty they are and after that you look at the mirror and you just hate yourself , it’s worst feeling ever , I think it’s the biggest problem in our “teenage society “.
Remember you are all beautiful the way you are.

What we all have in common is that we want to really discover what we are and what we like. We all want to find something that is going to make us happy in the future

Everyone is different but definitely, most of the teens want to get the attention of other people or just meet them. Some of us know what they want to do in the future or have a path that they’ll follow.


Matt is a kind of picture shy so this is the only one I have with him. He’s a really kind guy. He’s the blonde one.

Matt is 16 years old and he is from Poland.

Also, cheers to Lorenzo for not going mad when I stole his camera and took pictures on it. He’s also in my class and is a really cool guy. Very talented.

Lorenzo is from Italy and is 17.





Sofi! She’s probably the most ‘human’ human on earth.

To be honest, I think she should take her own advice and remember always that she is beautiful the way she is.

Sofi is 15 and from Russia.







Manu has so much life in her. She’s very nice and funny and probably two words that would perfectly describe her are ‘Animal Print’.

She’s from Spain and is 17.







Paulina is my fellow colleague in acting. Except from her heart being so good and her bing so kind, she has an amazing style – which I love and envy. She’s also really cool and funny.

Paulina is 15 years old and from Poland!






Sadly, they were the only  people I got to ask questions and get fast answers since this blogpost was kind of a spur of the moment. 3 more people, with me in my class, more stories to be told…

Until then, i’ll just leave you with my ending to my posts:

Lovingly, happily, nicely,

Maya xx



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