To Everyone I Met At Summer School

This is an open letter to you all. A few weeks post being with you every day, there are some things I want you all to know. It was an amazing experience and I’m glad I lived it with you. I got to meet so many beautiful people from all over the globe and most of them had no idea of it. I am glad I spent 24/7 with people that could teach me things about life. I’m the type of person that observes details and studies them. This is what I want you all to know from me. WARNING: Probably will get cheesy.

To all the girls I got to know –

You are all extremely intelligent and interesting and so so different. If there is one thing this camp has taught me is that all of us have something special. Something that makes us ‘us’ and something we should be extremely proud of. ‘Girls are catty, mean and nasty to other girls’ is what everyone thinks. I’ve met so many beautiful girls with a heart so kind and so big that it would often overshadow their pretty looks. And I’m saying this in a good way. With some of you, the bonds got tighter and for that I am thankful. We made it clear when we left that if we find ourselves in the other’s city, we’ll call.

To all the boys –

Someone once told me that boys need to demonstrate things to each other. I thought it was true until I met some of you. You were kind and smiling all the time, eager to make jokes and laugh and always careful to not offend anyone. You lit up rooms and made the groups you were in complete. I didn’t get to get to know any of you as much as I did with the girls, but I’m sure each and every one of you has your own thing, the one you’re chasing and the one that makes your eyes flicker.

We had them all. Artists, Doctors, Politicians, Businessmen… Everyone, from everywhere, with different dreams and goals. I truly hope none of us takes a step back when it comes to these things.

I would like to meet you all again one day and find out more, exchange experience and life stories. Until then, I’ll leave you this article, a plea to not forgetting. I won’t.

Thanks one more time to IntegralEdu for bringing me into this environment. Much love!

Lovingly, kindly, nicely,
Maya S.


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