Airplane Thoughts

Sometimes, all you can possibly want is in front of you. Only you’re temporarily blind and you can’t really see it. However, you can feel something being ‘right’ and everything being in place. This scares you a little, doesn’t it? It’s hard – knowing, deep inside you, but not having any confirmation. So instead of willingly fighting for it, you run away. You hide behind something that is certain because you planned it meticulously instead of getting the courage to do something.
So this is my plea to you. Do something today. Tell her you love her. Kiss the person that makes you happy. Walk your dog for hours until you finally know what it you are meant to do. Don’t sit there, hoping the right thing will come to you even though you reject it every time. I know that if something is meant to happen it will, but how about you save yourself ahead of time and take action before the sadness kicks in. “We’re just kids, nothing more” is bullshit. If something feels right with that person, don’t be a fool. Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting, hoping for the person to notice you while they’re playing this game with someone else as their partner. “If you love someone let them go”, but you have to have them before you can do so.
As the love story between Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl goes, “Yes, my world would be better without you in it, but it wouldn’t be my world.” Stop for a second and look at the person next to you. Are they happy about you not being in their life? If yes, props to you. You managed to extract yourself out of someone’s life without hurting them. If not, think about it. Why make both of you suffer?
I’m taking this in a very weird direction, sad, mopey even. My point with this was supposed to be that you can’t let fear of the unknown be the director of your movie. Prepare yourself and let yourself fall. This is how you learn and how you grow as a human being. Discover yourself and those around you. Be open to new things. Change into someone better, someone you are proud to be.
I, for one, will not wait for New Years Eve, even though that time brings loads of new people and memories into our lives. That is not the time to change. The time is now. The time is as soon as you’re ready. Take care of yourself, always, and enjoy life. Gain strength – not only physical but psychical as well.



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  1. Maria

    August 15, 2017 at 5:43 am

    Good luck in New York. Every dream come true as long as you believe in it! When you stop dreaming, a part of you dies together with Your Dream. Every new adventure brings up new ideas, new people, gives you another chance to know you better and release the dreamer out of you! Good luck little star !

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