I’m one of these people that gets very melancholic once she sees a very beautiful sunset. So today, after the most breathtaking moment of my life, I sat down and wrote a little something.

Open your eyes.

Take a deep breath, and take it all in. All the good, the bad, the sweet and the sour. Look around you, and smile. You are okay. Look up, watch the sunset, and think.

Did you ever imagine how everyone in the world is just one fragment of your own reality? How you see anyone exactly how you wish to see them and that most of the time, when you catch a glimpse of their reality, your idea of them fades away?

It’s funny how each and every one of us has their own little worlds going on in their heads. How I think you’re somehow but you’re not at all that person. How I find you intriguing because I’ve never seen your real face. The one you know and call yours. The one you’re so desperately trying to hide from anyone around you. We, as people, find mystery challenging and however much we sometimes want to hide it, we all love not knowing everything. And this is a kind of continuous game. We meet a person, like them based on what we think we know about them, start spending time, see the real face, suddenly are uninterested. We waste so much of our time and yet we constantly provide ourselves situations to do so.

We waste other people’s time too, which is sad but true. Why couldn’t we stop, once or twice a day and be honest with ourselves. Just show each other the worlds we’ve created and get it over with. The sadness and feeling of betrayal when after a while, the person you’ve been opening to turns you down, or the happy thoughts when you accept each other, either way, we’d save each other loads of anxiety if we were to accept that inside each and one of our brains, there are worlds dying to get out. Beautifully built, amazing and with brightness and darkness surrounding everything. Worlds. None of them are the same but surprisingly, they are not extremely different either. Each and every one of us could find someone who shares our hopes and dreams and keep them in our lives. And so, the worlds would cross. Most people know these persons by the name of soulmates. I believe in them, desperately. I believe in friend soulmates, who you can spend days and nights talking to about heartbreaks and happy days. Who are there by your side and wish you good, no matter how angry you are at each other and keep lifting the other up. I believe in romantic soulmates but I can’t explain what they are. I think you just know.

World – a place we can call home.

One day, I’d like to get to know every world that is, with its twisted sidewalks and long streets, breathtaking sunsets followed by the haunting darkness of the night. No judgments and mind games. I’d like to explore them as they are, not try to change anything or touch anything, but merely see it from the outside. And I’ll keep my world intact for anyone who wishes to do the same.

Took some pictures. Calmed me down.







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