Close your eyes

Imagine the person you love. Imagine the person who’s been in your life for years. Imagine being able to talk to them about anything and imagine your conversations. The place, setting, time and everything. Close your eyes and look at their face. Properly. See them smile and see them laugh. Try to hear it – but if you can. Their hair moving and their eyes growing smaller as their mouth grows larger. Your best friend, your boyfriend, your secret crush… Whoever you want to choose. Imagine the sun playing on their face, making shadows and highlights around it, one eye darker than the other. Imagine the person you love.
A bench. Some grass. Warm outside and a small blanket. Clear skies and looking at the clouds. Holding hands. Kissing their cheek. Biting you lip and flushing when they make a good joke, hoping to God you don’t give it away.
“Kiss me you idiot.”
“Hey. I’ve been wanting to tell you for quite a while… I actually have the biggest crush on you and I might even be in love with you. Just sayin’.”
“Wanna just give it a try?”
You want to shout them. To scream and look at them while doing so. Then take their face in your hands and kiss their life away. But you don’t. Instead, you check your phone or look down and start playing with your bracelet or fingers or hair. You look everywhere else but their eyes and hope you don’t give it away. Your heart is beating faster than ever and you even find yourself shivering, just from the mere thought of something actually happening. You’re living inside your own head, playing pretend and creating brand new stories about them.
Open your eyes. Who’s the person you thought of? Did you know it was them or is this something new? If it is, then newsflash. It’s already been in your head for a while. You just have to accept it now, and enjoy the roller coaster that is this story you’re about to experience. I’m right here.
I looked into that person’s eyes, and Cupid hit me. I literally felt like I was physically hit. I didn’t know how to get up and leave faster because this wasn’t anything properly planned. Suddenly, I felt something new for this person I’ve already known for what seems like an eternity. The urge was clear as water. I wanted to kiss them. Right then and there, looking into his eyes and seeing every shadow dancing around his face. I didn’t do anything.
Kiss him, you idiot.


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