The Passion of People

There’s something about an empty theater that makes my heart beat 5000 beats per minute. When the lights are on and all the plays come to life in the deadly silence. What’s it all about, really? Why do I shiver every time I step foot into a theatre and why do I cry ever time a play ends and the audience stands up in awe. I am a simple observer however the shocked and speechless faces of the people I watch bring me to tears every time. And my heart fills with love. For the audience is crying sincere tears and the actors in all their glory are crying modest tears.
Maybe one of the single honest times I’ve seen a person ever is when they were on stage. After they gave their life and soul on it and are receiving what they really wanted. Appreciation. When hours of rehearsals are all worth it because of that second when someone comes up to you and truly thanks you for everything you’re doing. And they tell you to go on, because you’re doing it right. I’ve probably grown up around such different groups of actors and I feel I can clearly say : they’re simple people. They might be able to morph themselves into anything you give them, but down to the core, they’re simple and modest people. They’re vulnerable and this vulnerability isn’t about how much they carry in real life. They can morph because emotionally, they are the most complex creatures known to mankind. They are twisted and enlightening, they know everything and yet they never stop learning, reading, discovering themselves.
I keep asking myself the same question all over again because right now, I’m in a situation where every adult whom I don’t really know is begging me to not become an actress, for “I won’t make a lot of money”. And they look at me like I’m nuts when I say I don’t care about that, that all I want is that second of someone telling me I changed something in their life – that that is my goal. So yes. I keep asking myself the same question all over again. Why do I want to do this?
Because of this. Because I’ve grown up next to the most amazing human beings in my life that taught me from a very young age that passion beats everything. And since then, I do things with passion or not at all. As I am writing this, I am sitting in an soon-to-be-closing theatre at 12 a.m. No one’s here. No one that I can see because you can hear props being moved in the backstage and actors laughing somewhere upstairs. I want to be an actress because after everything, the one place I hide in when I feel like I’m going crazy is the theatre. And I look at the empty seats and realize that so many different people have sat here, I can’t even begin to count them. And I remember how we are all different and yet alike.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath. And I think that no matter the city, in every theatre you can hear every actor there is and was, if you listen close enough to the voices inside your head.


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