About Delays in Life

The delay (or cancellation) of flights way always somewhere back in my head. I never imagined it could happen to me though. I had this weird idea that I’m “protected”. The new year didn’t even properly ring in that the universe felt like reminding me that we all have our stuff to deal with. That none of us is protected in such minor things that never change our lives to the fullest.
So today, as I was walking towards the check-in from Punta Cana to London then to Bucharest, I was reminded just that. Our plane had just been delayed 11 hours and we had one more day of enjoying our holiday in Punta Cana. The company we were flying with had just informed us that we will receive places on the next flight and that they will give us a place to sleep in. This wasn’t nearly as dramatic as some of the people in the same flight took it. I started crying. Not because of the flight, not because of anything regarding the flight, but because I was supposed to meet up with my dad there and it was a gigantic let-down for me, cause I was looking forward to it. After I finished crying (which was soon) I asked more information and we are currently, as I am writing this, being directed from the airport to a hotel. This isn’t what I wanted to write about though.
What I did want to write is how there’s always a positive side out of anything. How we all have things to learn from, things to be reminded of and how each and every one of us has to stop a little bit and be reminded that we are not machines. And even though we have one big road to follow to the end of our existence on earth, there are side streets and roads that we will take. Even though it will, in the end, lead us to what it is supposed to lead us at. With new experiences and with better selves. It is how we learn to learn and how to grow that marks the importance of the new event. It is how we accept and how we forgive, how we resist to the temptation of expressing our negative feelings and how we respond to those who don’t resist.
Remind yourself to take every day as it is. And when the un-happy events, remember to ask yourself “what am i supposed to learn from this?”. And learn. Because if you don’t, it will probably happen again.

xo, Maya


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