All is well

Sometimes it hits me in the weirdest moments. When I go to buy groceries or when I order food. When I go do my nails or to the cinema. It hits me while hanging out with friends, laughing our butts off and talking about normal things. I live here now. And even though I’m a firm believer that home is where your heart is – and my heart is definitely buried somewhere in Bucharest – home is here. Or it will be, soon.

As I start to settle into this madness that’s called life at the moment, I just get more and more grateful. It makes me smile more that anything cause when you know, you know. I always knew I’d end up living somewhere big. That my journey will keep taking me on higher and higher levels of life and that, this – whatever this is – is somehow just the beginning. My whole world is changing and everything around me is moving rapidly. It’s shattering and it makes me the most hormonal teenage girl in this entire universe. It’s moving and moving and I can’t seem to catch a break from anything. Pros and cons are all here, but the pros are just winning it with this race as if they’re the only ones competing. Every day, I’m shocked and in awe of everything surrounding me. Of the people, and the city. I can not begin to try and say anything about London, as it leaves me speechless every time I try to. Now that I (wow) live here, now that I’m breathing a different air and taking it all in, I’m utterly excited about the future. I think this is the first time I’ve been able to write about this experience. Or to talk about it with intent to share it with more than one person at a time. Life is just beginning and everything’s moving fast.

All is good in Mayatown. Xo


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